For Sale or Trade

Do you want one of the rarest jeeps in the US…a jeep that will turn turn heads everywhere you go? Like me, do you like to own unique and interesting things? This will be a huge eye catcher! If you are a 4×4 shop, PUBLICITY! If you are interested in acquiring this jeep, read below. I have several options for acquiring it, from a cash purchase to trades. Feel free to ask any questions. I won’t bite and love Jeep talk. 

Every now and then, I am asked if I would sell the RHD Jeep CJ-6 or how much I would sell it for. After thinking about it, I finally have an answer. Some of the possibilities are below.

Think of how many looks you would get driving a right hand drive jeep that is extremely rare to see anyway. It is possible that only 5-10 RHD CJ6s are in the US. That is it! So far, this has been the oldest that I have seen online. Personally, I have seen only 1 other CJ-6 running on the road… that’s it and it was a regular Left Hand Drive. I would be willing to bet that a complete project will be seen in multiple 4×4 magazines.

What do you get with purchase? All parts listed here, plus any/all other parts that are in the boxes, bins, and crates. There are probably a lot more that I did not list. Basically, you get all original parts, all extra parts, and all upgrade parts that were acquired. Many are new. As you may know, there is always someone looking to buy a 4×4 part. (The 1 grill on my garage wall is not included, though.)


  • In its current state, I would sell the jeep and all parts, spare parts, original parts, and the clear Colorado title for $20,000 USD. I’m not trying to hide anything and I will try to go through all parts/bins with you. Of course, this will include all parts I have acquired for the build (new & used), the rare original & remade Export plate (if that is what it is), all the original parts that I still have, and even all the metal I have purchased. Just understand that this IS a project. The further along in my build, the more $$$ I will ask for. That is a fact. Once it is completed, I am keeping it. So, if you are interested, contact me now for the best price. I know the price is high…I just don’t want to sell such a rare jeep because I will never get it back.


Note 1: I can add value on my end, if needed. See this page for options (including a hard to find Lakeside Razorback 22LR Beltfed Rifle)

Note 2: I am looking for a nice vehicle in great shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but in decent condition.

  • A Shelby Cobra replica (my dream car)…preferably setup for tall people. (I’m 6’3″) (Remember I can add value items.)
  • A Hot Rod or Original 1920s or 1930s car worth $20K or more. Examples include 3 or 5 Window Coupe, late 20s or 30s Roadster, a nice convertible, etc. (Remember I can add value items.)
  • Chevy Corvette (1st or 2nd Generation)
  • Possibly a Jeep M715 AND a hot rod or classic car or two mix & match (not sure if wife would go for this, though)
  • Possibly a nicely built up Jeepster Commando.


  • Jeep M715, CJ-8 Scrambler, or Jeepster Commando (for Offroad and Onroad Use) that may not be of full value. Check out this webpage for info on what I want or don’t want.
  • Hot rod or classic car

OPTION 4) Other Things…What do you have? I want a toy, a street legal vehicle that is fun or luxurious and not a grocery getter.

  • I like to entertain offers. I won’t bite and I don’t consider it a waste of my time. I like to consider options. Use the contact form to contact me. (Contact Form) You will get my email in return, whether or not I am interested. I would also appreciate pictures of your potential trade.

Things I’m not interested in (Sorry):

  • CJ-5, YJ, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-2A, XJ, TJ(?)
  • Motorcycles
  • Pickup Trucks (except the M715)
  • Rat Rods
  • Boats, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles, ATVs, Minivans, etc
  • RVs, Campers, Trailers
  • Guns (maybe)

All of these options depend on my mood and the wife’s approval, of course.

The Jeep is in Colorado Springs, CO and pickup/delivery would be on your dime and time, but I will help load. If you are nearby, I might be able to help deliver the parts. The further along in the build, the more I will ask for. That’s just the way it is. Luckily, the driveway has easy access to a cul-de-sac, so a trailer is no problem.

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