1961 CJ-6

FOR SALE OR TRADE! I am still working on the jeep, but am willing to look into offers to buy or trade. Feel free to send me an offer for all parts & pieces that I have. Make it easy and send an offer that I can’t refuse.


Some people call it the original Jeep Unlimited. Some people call it odd. Some people don’t like the looks, but others do. It can have its own cult following. Many CJ-6s are being spared. It has a usefulness due to the extra length. It has a desired wheelbase for offroad use. It has a naturally “bobbed” tail that many pursue on the Scrambler. It is definitely somewhat unique. Whether you are a fan or dislike the jeep, they are out there. They are more rare, but can be found. A total of 50,172 was made from 1955 to 1981. American sales ended in 1975. Outside of the USA, production continued until 1981. Even former President Reagan owned one on his ranch. And they can be found in movies.


One day, I made the mistake of looking at jeeps on Craigslist. Honestly, I do it all the time looking at vehicles I dream of having. I ran into an ad for a yellow 1963 Jeep Willys CJ-6. This ad is actually archived on the eWillys site, here. As you can see, the ad was for a 1963 CJ-6, a 1951 CJ-3A, and a trailer. I only wanted the CJ-6, but went ahead and bit the bullet. I bought the whole package deal. I even got the owner to throw in a welder and a lawn mower (which I used for several years). The idea was to keep the CJ-6, but sell the CJ-3A & trailer. Time to start the rebuild of this 1963 CJ-6.

I had placed an ad on Craigslist to find a replacement hood. I received a hit. A man contacted me, saying he had a hood. Off to his house, I went. After talking with him, he made me an offer that I decided I couldn’t refuse. He wanted the engine from the yellow CJ-6. He offered me a titled 1961 CJ-6, that was pretty much stripped, but was a right hand drive. Reluctantly, I decided that I wanted it. The body was in much better condition than my first CJ-6, and I was going to rebuild it anyway with a stronger engine built for moderate use on trails. The only reason why I was reluctant was that I would now have 2 CJ-6s that did not run. Ultimately, I traded.

This 1961 CJ-6 had a decent body. Obviously, the oddest part about this jeep was that it was a right hand drive. It was a four wheel drive, though, with its original transmission and transfer case. Oddly enough, it did not have a glove box, either. Unfortunately, the radio cut out is in a bad spot. The gauge holes were fine, though. There was a dent in the rear corner. The floor would definitely need to be replaced. The license plate that was attached was last registered in 1993. So, it had been many years since it was on the road. The jeep had a Colorado title. There were a few gauges on the jeep and the steering was still connected. Almost everything will need to be replaced. As I said before, the tub was in decent condition, much better than my old CJ-5 and my yellow, 1963 CJ-6. Fortunately, though, it was a CJ-6, which meant that it was going to have leg room for the back seat, with the elegance of the older jeeps. Under the VIN tag was an unusual tag. I tend to call it an Export Tag, although I really don’t know what it is. Below are pictures. Even “seasoned” CJ owners had never seen the tag before. I believe that this jeep was built to be exported. I wish I knew if it was. Below is a picture of the export tag as I received it on the CJ-6. It had definitely seen better days. A previous owner had drilled a hole into it for some hose. Below that picture is a great copy that I had made to go onto this CJ-6 once it is fixed up. I could only find this tag online on one other website, here. That tag is located in Italy. On the tag, the “MARCA REGISTRADA – MARQUE DEPOSEE” roughly translated says “Registered Trademark” in Spanish and French. Honestly, I do not know if this is an “export tag.” But, that is what I am calling it because many CJ-6 were exported.

The CJ-6, As I Received It

The Interior

The Original “Export” Tag

The New “Export” Tag

The CJ-6, Put Together

 I plan to build this jeep up for moderate trail use. I want it to be able to drive on the road as well. Please feel free to check out the status of the build on the rebuild blog or follow my Twitter acount, PhilsJeep.  This is very much a budget build.  I have spent a few years collecting parts and will need to customize them or fab up mounts, which I will document on this website. Unfortunately I have 2 small kids (baby & toddler) and a lack of knowledge that slows me down. (Want to help??) It will take me several years to build, but I do plan on building it… unless I sell or trade it. 🙂 I finally set up a price or trade options. They are here. Frankly, this is such a unique jeep that I will only sell or trade for something I really want.

I do want to say this…

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